Contoh Soal Tes Literasi Bahasa Inggris untuk SNBT 2023

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JAKARTA - Dalam ujian untuk Seleksi Nasional Berdasarkan Tes (SNBT) 2023 ada dua komponen yang akan diujikan yaitu Tes Potensi Skolastik (TPS) dan Tes Literasi.

Untuk Tes Literasi nantinya terdiri dari Literasi dalam Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris serta Penalaran Matematika.

Dalam materi Literasi Bahasa Indonesia akan berisikan 20 soal dengan waktu pengerjaan 30 menit.

Teks bacaan yang diujikan di materi ini adalah teks umum, teks sastra, teks saintek, dan teks sosial humaniora.

Teks umum berupa bacaan bergenre inspiratif dan informasi umum dan teks sastra berupa teks bergenre novel.

Sementara teks saintek dan sosial humaniora berupa teks bergenre eksplanatif, ulasan, serta argumentatif.

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal dari Literasi Bahasa Inggris yang diujikan pada SNBT 2023 yang bisa menjadi acuan peserta nantinya:

The following text is for questions number 1 to 5.

After rising steadily for almost a century, standards of education in the public schools of Europe and North America have levelled off and, in the opinion of many parents and employers, are actually falling.

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More and more children are leaving school with little more than a basic knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic and illiteracy is becoming a social problem once again.

With dropout rates of twenty-seven percent in high schools and fifty percent on colleges, the American education system is clearly in trouble; European dropout rates, though lower than those of the U.S. are rising too.

Various factors have been blamed for the apparent decline in education standards. Some people say that overcrowding and lack of discipline are major factors.

Other maintain the subjects like art and drama have been over emphasized at the expense of more practical subjects. The negative influence of television is frequently mentioned as a reason for growing illiteracy.

Many teachers and principal, however, insist that the problem is not a falling standards but of rising expectations on the part of parents and employers.

Whether or not standards in public school are falling, many parents feel that the only way to secure a good education for their children is to send them to private schools is growing steadily, despite the high tuition fees. In the U.S. for example, eleven percent of all school children attend private school, in France, over sixteen percent do so.

1. What is the text about?

(A) Problems in current educations systems

(B) Rising dropout rates in American public school

(C) Factors determining general education standard

(D) Comparison between the American and European education system

(E) Problems in education in European and American public school

(Jawaban yang benar adalah E).

2. Which of the following statement is not true about the educations of children in public schools?

(A) Many children quit from school.

(B) Dropout lack basic knowledge of reading and writing.

(C) Public school should offer more practical subjects.

(D) Dropout rates are rising.

(E) The dropout rate in European is lower than that in the U.S.

(Jawaban yang benar adalah C).

3. Which of the following is thought to be a factor causing the decline in educational standards?

(A) Discipline in school; is generally too strict.

(B) Teachers use too much television in class.

(C) There are too many pupils in the one class.

(D) Subjects like drama and art are neglected.

(E) Parents and employer expect too much to teachers.

(Jawaban yang benar adalah E).


4. Private schools have become popular among parent, because ...

(A) They charge high tuition fees

(B) Their educational systems never has problems

(C) Parents expectations for more practical subjects are met

(D) They think that private school provide better education

(E) Their rate of dropout is lower than that in public schools do

(Jawaban yang benar adalah D).

5. Which of the following statement is true according to text?

(A) School authorities do not think that the educational standards in public school is declining.

(B) More children are leaving school because they realize that public school have no discipline.

(C) The general trend in the world is that there is a decline in educational standards.

(D) Television greatly contributed to the failure of public school in general.

(E) Private schools are expensive because they provide more practical subject than public school do.

(Jawaban yang benar adalah A).

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